With us, you have access to every aspect of personal financial planning. Whether it’s wealth protection, savings and investments, retirement, tax or estate planning.

We offer objective advice, as we have relationships with various solution providers and specialist partners including direct share portfolio management, fiduciary services (wills, trusts and estates) and short-term insurance.

Our financial planners will help ensure that you remain on-track to achieve all your investment and saving goals. As well as provide ongoing investor education, creating sustainable withdrawal strategies for after your retirement and ensuring overall tax efficiency.


Your financial plan is underpinned by an investment strategy that will help you achieve your dreams & goals throughout your journey. It provides the link between your goals, the investment vehicles you choose and the return required to achieve your goals.

Our range of wealth management solutions are integrated into our advice process. “Inflation-plus” targeting strategies and solutions are at the heart

  • Multi-manager funds tailored to a specific investment strategy
  • The ability to cater for different types of clients, with different time horizons and return objectives
  • Employing best-of-breed asset managers, both locally and internationally
  • Taking all costs into account


We have access to a range of international investment funds and assets from some of the leading fund managers from around the globe. This enables us to ensure that your offshore investment is integrated into your financial plan.


We offer you access to comprehensive fiduciary and advisory services that simplify complicated issues relating to estate planning, wills and trusts.


If your interests lie in holding direct share portfolios, we offer access to personalised portfolio management, global investments, investment advice and online trading. Working with our partners to ensure their advice is aligned with your lifestyle financial plan.


Our short-term insurance and health service partners assist us in securing your wealth. They provide specialist advice about the most  suitable short-term insurance and medical aid providers, ensuring that you’re protected throughout your journey.

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